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IBT Technologies Inc.; 5405 Thimens, St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
H4R 2H4; 1-866-590-4288; info@ibt.ca
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Careers at IBT

Sales Representative

We are looking for dynamic, self-motivated sales representatives for computer systems, server systems
for corporate sales. Bilingual in French and English. Good knowlegde of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Please send your CV to: jobs@ibt.ca

Software Engineer

We are looking for software engineer for device drivers development, Windows interface for I/O
and control hardware we develop.

Please send your CV to: jobs@ibt.ca

IBT Technologies Inc.
5405 Thimens
St-Laurent, PQ H4R 2h4, Canada
Tel: 514-832-0808
Fax: 514-832-0128
Email: info@ibt.ca

Toll Free: 1-866-590-4288

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