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INDUSTRIAL BOARDS with Extended Temperature
Product list

Extended Temperature SBC Products

ET838-I45 - Etx, Intel® Atom™ E3845 SoC ETX (3.0) CPU Module w/CRT, LVDS and 10/100 LAN

IB530 - Extended Temperature AMD Geode LX SBC
IB704 - AMD Geode LX PC/104 Plus CPU Module, Extended Temperature
IB300 -
EOL- NS Geode 300MHz 3.5-inch SBC with VGA/LAN/PCMCIA/PC104 Plus

EOL-- Intel 440BX Chipset Half-Size PISA Bus SBC Card with -20C ~ +70C
Hornet-900 -
EOL-- Half-Size PISA Bus SBC Card with -20C ~ +70C
Hornet-910 -
EOL-- Half-Size ISA Bus SBC Card with -20C ~ +70C

MI910 - Mini iTx using in a IBT368 tested in -20C ~ +70C
MI945X - Mini iTx using in a IBT368 tested in -20C ~ +70C

Many Extended Temperature products are availlable on demand for specifics project please contact-us.

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