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IB796 - VIA Eden Firewall /VPN Plateform with 4 LAN

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VIA Eden EBGA Low Power CPU
300MHz ~ 1GHz
CPU Front Side Bus
VIA PLE133T+VT82C686A/B Chipset
North Bridge: VT8601T 552-pin PBGA
South Bridge: VT82C686A/B 352-pin BGA
L2 Cache
128K/256K (CPU integrated)
Award BIOS
System Memory
Onboard 64MB/128MB/256MB
IDE Interface
VT82C686A/B built-in
IDE1: Ultra DMA 33/66/100
FDD Interface

Supports up to two floppy disk drives: 3.5" (720KB, 1.44MB
or 2.88MB) and/or 5.25" (360KB or 1.2MB); with 3 Mode support
Super I/O
VIA VT82C686A/B: IrDA x1 Parallel x1, Serial x2, FDC 2.88MB
(3 Mode support), Hardware monitor(3 thermal inputs, 4
voltage monitor inputs, VID0-4, 2 fan input (Optional)

- Supports 300MHz~1GHz VIA Eden EBGA Low Power CPU
- With 4 Realtek 8100C Ethernet controllers
- LAN1-LAN2 bypass function
- On board memory, 64/128/256MB
- Integrated VGA with 8MB video memory
- Mini PCI slot, 2 USB, watchdog timer
- Compact Flash socket, 2 COM ports
- 203mm x 146mm

Parallel Port

One parallel ports support SPP/EPP/ECP
Serial Ports
One RS-232 DB9 connector, one RS-232 pin header
Watchdog Timer
Used with LAN bypass function
Hardware Monitoring
VIA VT82C686B, monitoring voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds
One connector on board, one pin header
On Board VGA
VT8601T integrated graphics, Max. 8MB
CRT output (pin Header)
Ethernet On Board
Realtek 8100C 128-pin QFP single chip Ethernet controller,
10/100 BaseT support, four LAN
Ethernet with Bypass Function (LAN 1, 2)
Bypass Ethernet ports when system fault automatically
Expansion Slots
Mini PCI slot
CF card slot
Form Factor
5.25-inch Single Board Computer
203mm x 146mm (7.99" x 5.74")

Operating Temperature
0C~60C (32F~140F)
Storage Temperature
-20C~80C (-7F~176F)
Relative Humidity
10%~90% (non-condensing)

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IB796 - VIA Eden Firewall/VPN Platform, 4 LAN

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