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Product List

LCD Screens Panel Adapters
ID250 - TTL to LVDS Adapter
ID251 - LVDS to TTL Adapter

SDVO add-on modules

ID390 - Chrontel 7308, 24+24 bits single or dual channel LVDS
ID390B Chrontel 7308B, 24+24 bits single/dual channel LVDS up to 1920 x 1080, for MB896
ID390C -Chrontel 7021, add a 2nd CRT/VGA output
ID391 - Chrontel 7307C, single DVI (connector on cable)
ID391D - Chrontel 7307C, dual DVI (connector on cable)
ID392 - Chrontel 7307C, Single DVI board w/ edge connector
ID392D - Chrontel 7307C, dual DVI (one connector on card and one on cable) MI912E/MI912EL only

ID393 - VIA VT1632A, DVI support ( DVI edge connector to be located above the USB stack connector), (DVI & LVDS can NOT co-exist)

ID397 SDVO interface, HDMI board
ID397D SDVO interface, HDMI + DVI board

LCD Screens Cable Sets
LCD53 ----- AUO M190PW01-V0, CHIMEI M190E2-Lo1
LCD11 ---- NL10276BC30-18 Panel
LVDS-33A ----- AUO M170EG01 V.3
LVDS-29 ------- Optrex T-51863D150J-FW-A-AA Panel

LVDS-25 ------- NL10276BC20-04C
LCD-71 ---- M150X4-L06
LVDS-30 -----
LVDS-31 ----- LG LM150X06 / LG LM150X07
LCD-90 -------- NL644BCC33-63D
LVDS-24 ------ NEC NL10276BC12-02
LVDS-14A LVDS-21 ------ HT17E13-100 Panel
LVDS-17 ------ NEC NL128102AC25-07 Panel
LCD-18A, LCD-18C ------ Samsung LTM150XH-L04 Panel

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