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MB875 - Intel® 852GM Chipset Custom Motherboard
for 1U Rackmount


CPU Socket
Socket 479 or CPU on board
Supports Intel® Pentium® M, Celeron® M
Up to 2.0GHz
CPU Front Side Bus ( FSB )
Intel® 852GM chipset + ICH4
Award BIOS
System Memory
Two DDR266/333 sockets support up to 2GB
Intel® 852GM integrated graphics
DVMT 2.0 shared memory, Max. 96MB
Four Intel® 82541PI Gigabit LAN
Four RJ-45 ports on board
Multi I/O
Winbond W83627HF, Finktek 81216
Supports 2x IDE (UDMA33/66/100), 2x SATA,
4x RS-232, 1x KB, 1x Mouse
IDE Interface
Two enhanced IDE channel supports:
IDE channel 1 - 40 pin for master; 44 pin for slave
IDE channel 2 - CF socket for master
2 IDE devices; supports UDMA33/66/100
SSD Interface
CompactFlash socket, Type II, via IDE2
  • Supports Intel® Pentium® M / Intel® Celeron® M processors, up to 2.0GHz @ 400MHz FSB
  • Intel 852GM Chipset, Two DDR socket, Max. 2GB
  • Four Intel® 82541PI GbE controllers for four GbE support
  • Edge connector supporting PCI 33MHz/32-bit interfaces
  • 4 x COM, 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x SATA, CF socket
  • Watchdogi timer, 1 x PCI, 1 x Mini PCI
  • 180mm x 270mm

Serial ATA
Supports 2 ports
USB (2.0)
Supports 2 USB ports on board and 2 USB ports via pin header
Watchdog Timer
256 levels
Keyboard and Mouse Connector
PS/2 type
Edge Connectors
4x RJ45, COM1, 2x USB 2.0
1 x Mini PCI socket
1 x PCI Edge connector supporting PCI 33MHz/32-bit interfaces
Power Connector
ATX power connector
Other Features:
GPInput switch, LEDs on edge include Power LED
HDD Access LED and GPO LED 1/2.
Form Factor
Custom Motherboard
180mm x 270mm

Environmental Factors:
Operating Temperature:
0°C~60°C (32°F~140°F)
Storage Temperature:
-20°C~80°C (-68°F~176°F)
Relative Humidity:
10%~90% (non-condensing)

Ordering Information

MB875-R - Socket 479, 852GM chipset for 1U Rackmount with four Gigabit Ethernet
MB875-600-R - Intel® Celeron M, 600MHz, 852GM chipset for 1U Rackmount with four Gigabit Ethernet

This motherboard is used in the FWA6204 products

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